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If You Have Concerns About Your Personal Credit Report, Here is a Golden Opportunity to Do Something About it.

It’s no secret a good credit score is essential to a happy, balanced life these days. Without a good credit history, everything is really hard – like trying to run quickly in deep sand!

It’s why I am so passionate about helping Canadians maximize their credit scores!

Whether you want a personal credit card, enter a cell phone contract, finance a car or even rent an apartment or home, your personal credit history will come into play.

Even the cost of property or auto insurance can be affected by your personal credit score.
Banks will routinely check your credit when you open a new bank account.

And of course, if you are thinking of buying a home or refinancing your current home, prospective lenders will be looking closely at your ability to manage credit.

Make no mistake, all creditors WANT to lend you their money. They WANT you to use their credit facilities.

But the irony is they are most comfortable giving this privilege to people who look like they don’t need it!

  • To people who have shown a responsible approach towards managing multiple credit facilities.
  • To people who do not miss their monthly payment obligations.
  • To people who have proven they can handle access to a large credit limit without “going on tilt”.
  • To people who have proven they can handle a variety of credit products – like credit cards, loans, mortgages, cell phones, leases etc.

What do creditors and mortgage lenders care about?

They really care about your personal credit score – the higher the better!

Sometimes when we review your credit report we see an opportunity for a large and immediate score boost. This works best for people who have reporting errors in their credit report.

We have seen score increases from 60 to 190 points in less than a week!

RONA, from 602 to 664 - An increase of 62 points!

DOUG, from 653 to 721 - An increase of 68 points!

SUBHA, from 561 to 644 - An increase of 73 points!

LORI, from 587 to 676 - An increase of 89 points!

RENZO, from 692 to 791 - An increase of 99 points!

CHRISTIAN, from 598 to 714 - An increase of 116 points!

ALICIA, from 570 to 702 - An increase of 132 points!

ANGELO, from 538 to 721 - An increase of 183 points!

SERGE, from 497 to 686 - An increase of 189 points!

ALEX, from 525 to 720 - An increase of 195 points!

Now's your chance to get my eyes on your credit score and I'll share with you the same secrets on how to boost credit scores – quickly and spectacularly, that I often get asked to speak on within the Canadian mortgage industry.

Not only will I review your report and score; I'll tell you the reasons for your score, and give you tips to increase your score and rebuild your personal credit history.

This could be exactly what you need to get in a position to buy a home. Or maybe this could ultimately save you thousands of dollars if you are thinking of refinancing your home.

Our Credit Repair Services Program Will Help You:

  • Eliminate reporting inaccuracies which may be dragging down your personal credit score and stopping you from achieving your life objectives.
  • Position you in the best possible light when creditors review your file.
  • Receive tips for optimizing your score at all time and to rebuild your personal credit history after going through a personal financial trauma such as a debt settlement program, bankruptcy or consumer proposal.
  • Get a credit score BOOST!

Ready to get Started?

Click on one of the BOOK A CALL buttons below to schedule your complimentary Credit Repair Consultation! You must have a short free phone consultation first to determine if you are eligible.


Your credit report will be reviewed by Ross Taylor, one of Canada’s foremost authorities on personal credit.

  • Have your top three nagging questions answered clearly, professionally and accurately.
  • Receive a concise, easy-to-read blueprint for maximizing your personal credit score.
  • Learn what you can expect in the future and when it will happen.
  • One follow up review, anytime within the next twelve months.
  • 100% credit for this fee if you upgrade to the full service package.

Your credit report will be reviewed by Ross Taylor, one of Canada’s foremost authorities on personal credit.

  • We will review all related documents. (Trustee packages, collection letters, garnishments, liens, court docs etc.)
  • We will identify all possible ways your credit history can be improved and how we can QUICKLY boost your personal credit score.
  • We will become your authorized representative in dealing with Equifax - your case will be a top priority.
  • We will provide you with a dedicated secure portal for your documents and sensitive information, and provide personalized telephone and email support.
  • We will clean up ALL reporting errors.
  • We will BOOST your personal credit score.
  • Guaranteed FAST results!
  • Follow up consultation and review after two months, and again after one year.

Your Credit Report Really Matters

When the time comes to borrow money, you will be offered the best terms and lowest interest rates if your credit score sings like an angel.  And I cannot stress enough the importance of rebuilding your credit history after a major event like bankruptcy or consumer proposal. 

The first step to get your credit report: Go to the Equifax Canada website and sign up for their monthly credit monitoring service Create a username and password, and order a fresh credit report TODAY. You can decide before your 30-day trial is up if you wish to continue the subscription or not.

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